Waterford's PRO-AUDIT® service combines the technical expertise and proficiency of traditionally separate disciplines into a single, cost-effective, bundled solution.

No longer are numerous different contractors, vendors and specialists required to properly evaluate a tower site or full portfolio of sites.

PRO-AUDIT® mitigates the risk of expensive FCC/OSHA fines caused by non-compliance by eliminating the pattern of reacting to a tower site's regulatory AND inspection needs on an emergency basis only and inaugurating a proactive approach to a tower site's health & safety, regulatory compliance and inventory management.

Conducting a thorough Pro-Audit® due diligence inspection also provides major visibility into the marketability of a tower site or portfolio of towers. The comprehensive information provided in Waterford's final report offers the buyer and/or the seller tremendous leverage in defending the value of the asset(s) and can serve as a critically important tool in the negotiation (and financing) process.


Waterford offers the following
standard, bundled Pro-Audit®
solutions OR can create a
customized Pro-Audit®
solution that meets the
specific needs of your site
or situation.