RF Compliance Installation

As an integral part of the RF exposure analysis (EME) process, Waterford also offers RF compliance remediation design and installation services.

In addition to selling a wide range of compliance remediation materials and products through our online Store, Waterford’s professional and experienced field operations teams are trained to efficiently complete the installation of these products at virtually every wireless site type including rooftops, towers, water tanks, billboards, utility/light poles and DAS sites.

When you engage Waterford to complete the installation of your RF compliance remediation products, you are guaranteed a solution which is compliant with the a certified compliance report, as well as a finished site that is left clean and free of any material debris, hardware, rubbish, etc.

Waterford offers compliance remediation materials including RF Safety Signs and Barriers, as well as our patented H-Frame Mounting Kit in our online store.


Waterford has also addressed a problem often lamented by wireless carriers and patented a solution for installing RF safety signage on difficult or challenging structures. Waterford’s patented H-frame mounting kit ensures that signs mounted to vertical pipe or angled steel are not only properly installed to accommodate any climate or condition, but are visually and aesthetically pleasing.