RF Engineering

Focused on wireless macro-site, small cell and DAS design, Waterford offers proficiency in the latest Radio Access Networks and assists carriers in improving their operational performance and profitability.


  • Propagation experts and instructors
  • LTE certified engineers
  • Extensive commercial wireless system design,
    deployment and operational expertise
  • Nominal (budgetary) design
  • Ability to evaluate macro network
  • Hybrid clutter database
  • Capacity off-load and Monte Carlo simulations
  • Google Earth deliverables

Waterford also utilizes the Atoll RF Planning Tool

The tier 1 planning tool is scalable and flexible and offers a multi-technology RF design platform capable of supporting the following:

  • 700 MHz,Cellular, PCS, AWS, 2.6 GHz
  • Flexible propagation modeling
  • Ability to improve accuracy of model with drive test data
  • Ability to print detailed coverage maps or export to Google Earth


Capacity offload analysis

Simulations are performed before and after the introduction of the Small Cells to determine how much of a capacity offload is provided to the macro network.The number, location, or configuration of small cells is adjusted in order to maximize the capacity offload.

Waterford’s engineers are able to display Macrocell and Small Cell
RF coverage and 3D buildings in Google Earth

  • Many metro areas also have 3D Buildings available within Google Earth.
  • Can be used to help illustrate the small cell design on a 3D representation.
  • Coverage predictions can be exported to Google Earth in order to compare with hi resolution imagery
  • Coverage predictions and site locations easily shared with client via KMZ files
  • User can zoom into areas of interest