RF Exposure Analysis
Building owners and operators of wireless telecommunication facilities face stringent RF safety requirements.

The Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) OET Bulletin 65 determines the compliance of proposed or existing transmitting facilities, operations or devices relating to limits for human exposure to radio frequency (RF) fields. In an effort to assist our customers with these guidelines, Waterford provides a simple,
comprehensive solution to the RF safety requirements.

Using site-specific data and compliance assessments, Waterford fully addresses the FCC and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements to protect workers and the general public from the harmful effects of exposure to RF emissions.

Waterford maintains preferred vendor status with and routinely completes thousands of RF exposure analyses and remediation services for most major wireless carriers and wireless facility operators, as well as provides field testing, zoning/public hearing, and expert testimony services to address FCC, OSHA, and local and municipal requirements.

Waterford’s RF compliance experts offer superior knowledge and proficiency with wireless carrier protocols and policies as it relates to RF safety, compliance and remediation. Our strategically located team of highly experienced RF field technicians offer rapid and reliable U.S. mobilization capability and maintain on-hand inventory of most compliance remediation products including RF safety signs and barrier materials.


Waterford offers advanced RF coverage/exposure testing and analysis on a wide variety of wireless site types including

  • Building rooftops
  • Towers
  • Water tanks
  • Small cell
  • Utility / Transmission Towers
  • DAS
  • Concealed Structures (church steeples, flagpoles, tree, etc.)
  • Church Steeples


NIER Analysis

Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation studies involve calculation and analysis of the maximum permissible exposure (MPE) at the base of the tower using the maximum, presumptive effective radiated power (ERP). Traditionally provided in the form of a comprehensive report which includes mathematical calculations only (no graphic modeling of the RF output), an actual site visit with RF field measurements is not required. Waterford can provide a Professional Engineer's certification acknowledging the calculated results and noting any applicable recommended safety procedures. The written and P.E. stamped certification also serves as an analysis of the RF conditions and may be used to demonstrate compliance with FCC regulations

NIER Analysis with Modeling

Unlike the mathematical-based NIER report traditionally provided by most RF regulatory compliance firms, using Waterford's proprietary RoofMaster® or NIERTool® software, we also offer an innovative solution for graphically depicting the predicted RF output on any wireless macro-cell or small cell structure. This unique feature is extremely valuable as a complementary aid in the wireless RF design, site acquisition, lease negotiation and zoning/permit approval process, as well as a visual support to any compliance or remediation recommendations we may stipulate in our formal report.

To review the FCC’s compliance guidelines regarding
RF Exposure and download a copy of the OET Bulletin 65,
see our RESOURCES page or click the image to the right.