RF Safety Training & Awareness

OSHA requires business owners to maintain a comprehensive RF program which includes training. The RF Safety & Awareness training course offered by Waterford is specifically designed to assist wireless facility management personnel in developing a comprehensive RF Safety Plan of their own.

The Waterford training course covers a variety of topics including:

  • Site owner, equipment owner &
    Contractor responsibilities
  • FCC recommended signage
  • Barrier recommendations
  • MPE Overview/MPE Math
  • Personal Monitors / RF Suits
  • RF Health and Safety Outline
  • Working in hot RF areas
  • Antenna identification
  • Biological and health effects
  • Maximum Permissible Exposure
  • General Public vs. Occupational Exposure
  • U.S. Standards and the Law
  • Steps to Compliance
  • Medical Implants
  • Restricted Approach programs
  • Using RF suits and other PPE
  • Work procedures when using RF monitors
  • OSHA’s ruling on Transient workers



Waterford’s RF Safety Training & Awareness Course is provided in association with the guidelines required by the following agencies:


Expert Testimony: RF Exposure & Safety

Waterford’s team of RF experts are often called upon by a wide range of network operators, tower owners, site developers, engineering and site acquisition firms, and even municipal/local government officials to assist in providing comprehensive testimony related to radio frequency and the effects of human exposure. Skilled with the professional knowledge and experience to separate fact from fiction, Waterford’s RF experts have been instrumental in helping numerous clients facilitate the successful progress and movement of projects through what is often a challenging zoning or permitting situation.