SiteMonster® is the latest addition to Waterford’s family of proprietary software products and offers numerous enhancements to the traditional site acquisition process. Basic and Enterprise versions are available.

The SiteMonster® Basic version provides immediate
comprehensive screening and analysis of the relevant
criteria for determining potential needs. SiteMonster®
Basic makes the search for the “perfect site”
easy, efficient and reliable.

  • Single or Bulk-Site analyses available
  • Eliminates need to exhaust valuable resources spent
    drive testing, researching site information and carrier
    coverage data, etc.
  • Efficiently and quickly delivers results so
    search time AND costs are reduced; improved
    speed to market


SiteMonster® relies on a proprietary, Waterford-developed algorithm to analyze the following criteria when considering the practicality of a new site:

  • Latitude / Longitude (or address)
  • Population Data
  • Median Income
  • GIS Topographical Data / Terrain
  • Published 2G, 3G, 4G coverage data
  • Drive test data
  • Competing tower sites located within
    10, 5, 1 and 0 km away


SiteMonster® evaluates the criteria and produces a Quality Index Rating (QIR) from 0 - 100

  • Sites with a QIR closer to “100” reflect a greater need for additional or enhanced coverage
  • Sites with a QIR closer to “0” reflect a lesser need for additional or enhanced coverage; however site may offer a suitable solution for facilitating data capacity offload through small cell, DAS or new tower installation



The SiteMonster® Enterprise version combines the benefits of the Basic version with a
comprehensive "site search" function; enabling graphic identification of all wireless sites within a
client's portfolio.

  • GoogleMaps and Google Earth based format
    with unlimited search radius
  • Interactive site map allows user to obtain relevant
    information pertinent to a specific site by clicking on it
  • Pertinent site details are displayed in a printable window
  • Much easier and visually appealing over the traditional
    MS Excel-based site list
  • Web-based access to complete asset portfolio