Structural Analysis
Waterford boasts a professional staff with a wide range of engineering disciplines and capabilities.

Waterford's certified professional engineers have the experience and skills required to accurately determine the structural integrity and reliability of virtually any tower or wireless structure. Our engineers adhere to strict customer and industry specifications while maintaining competitive prices. Engineering certifications are available for all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.



Utilizing industry-leading software programs, we are able to accurately and efficiently perform comprehensive structural analyses and structural assessments (structural integrity letters), as well as deliver Fall Zone letters and foundation designs. The latest CAD systems also give our engineers the tools to prepare plot layouts, final drawings and licensing packages.

The performance of an accurate structural analysis ensures proper evaluation of structural loading (existing and potential) against ANSI and TIA building codes. The analysis also addresses a variety of questions, including ...


  • How much more (equipment, weight, etc.) can my tower support?
  • Does my tower require structural modification (reinforcement)?
  • Does my tower meet the current codes? Is it legal?
  • Is my tower marketable?
  • What is the remaining life expectancy of my tower?




A structural analysis completed by Waterford includes summary statements, assumptions used in the review, a list of over-stressed members (if applicable), a reaction summary and recommendations. It also includes recommendations on the reinforcing of the structure that may be required to bring it to current standards, if possible. In some cases, where the structure is extremely overloaded or the reinforcing is a major project, the customer will be informed, and the cost of designing the reinforcing may have to be quoted separately.

To ensure accuracy and quick-turnaround of the review please forward as much of the following information as possible to Waterford's engineers at
Tower Information

Please provide as much information as possible about the tower type, model, height, width, location, etc. In some cases, the information on the tower may not be available, and a full mapping of the tower with leg and brace marking numbers may be required. Waterford can also assist with a tower and foundation mapping if needed. 

Antennas and Lines

Please provide an inventory of the existing antennas by height of antenna, manufacturer, model number, mounting type, azimuth and transmission line size. Future antennas that are required to be included in the analysis for reserved capacity must also be provided in that list. Information on how the transmission lines are attached (which leg or face of the tower) is an integral part of the review. Please do not rely on the accuracy of original assembly drawings to provide the current antennas or transmission lines on the tower. 

Proposed Antennas and Lines

Please provide a list of the proposed antennas by height of antenna on tower, manufacturer, model number, mounting type, azimuth and transmission line size. Also, provide information on how the transmission lines are proposed to be attached to the structure. 

Modifications to Existing Structures

Please provide a list and/or description of modifications that were introduced to the existing structure. Also, provide a list of any previous engineering or structural reviews that were performed on the tower. Providing this information can help to minimize costs.

Existing Foundations

Please provide any known foundation details.

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