Structural Modification Design
Waterford provides designs and construction drawings for tower structural modifications.

In addition to providing a diversified and comprehensive array of professionally designed and certified A&E products, Waterford’s highly experienced engineering team can complete a Structural Modification Design to accommodate a wide range of communication structures.


Waterford's structural modification services include:

  • Structural, appurtenance & foundation mapping
  • Structural analysis
  • Modification design
  • Passes with Modification Letter (or) Modification Analysis
  • Modification Material Fabrication (see Site Services)
  • Installation of Modification Upgrades (see Site Services)
  • Post-Modification Inspection (see Site Services)

Structural modifications are often required to accommodate a proposed condition change including increases in tenant equipment loading and collocation capacity enhancement, or to correct existing structural damage.

  • Change in appurtenance configuration
    (includes installation of DTV, FM, or wireless communication antennas)
  • Structural modification
  • Change in serviceability requirements
  • Change in the structure classification to a higher class.


The effects of proposed changes can be determined by analysis. In some cases, changes result in unacceptable levels of stress in some of a tower’s structural members, guy wires, or foundations. Changes can also have an adverse effect on serviceability by increasing the levels of wind-induced twist or sway at critical microwave dish locations. Waterford can provide efficient and cost-effective modification designs that eliminate areas of overstress and reduce deflections to acceptable levels.

The constant exposure to weather, sometimes severe, can result in structural damage including bent or missing structural members. Exposure to moisture can result in corrosion on structural members, guy wires and guy anchor arms, and connection elements. A full-climb condition assessment as recommended in the design standard will result in detection of structural damage. Waterford has provided tower repair/modification designs to restore damaged towers back to full capacity.