Structural Tower Modification Installation

Waterford provides its telecom and broadcast clients with exceptional experience and proficiency in a variety of cellular and broadcast tower reinforcement installation services including:

  • Guy wire replacement and initial tension adjustment
  • Vertical pipe leg grouting & reinforcing
  • Diagonal and horizontal bracing replacement
  • Mid-bay redundant bracing installation
  • Emergency guy anchor replacement for corroded anchor arms
  • Repair of damaged connection gussets
  • Replacement of deficient connection bolts with new high strength bolts
  • Installation and replacement of torque arms to reduce twist and sway deflections
  • Installation of temporary frames to brace damaged tower sections
  • Stiffener weldments for monopole base plates
  • Modifications to foundations at tower base and guy anchors
  • Installation of new sections to extend tower height
  • Fabrication of mounting frames for the installation of Digital Television (DTV) antennas

For competitive pricing, timely and superior quality structural reinforcement of your valued tower asset, contact us today.